Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spudman this weekend, Xterra in 3 1/2 weeks - not good

I went out for what I intended to be a hard effort bike ride tonight, riding down suncrest and spending some time riding hard in the flats at the bottom of the hill before climbing back up the north side to the house. Training has been minimal the last two weeks due to demands at work (sort of a good thing given the state of banks in the current economic environment - very fortunate to be at a solid one), so was thinking I'd be fresh and have some snap in my legs. Am disappointed to say that not only was there no snap, but that it was actually a pretty dramatic lack of snap that dominated the tone of the ride. I suffered a lot without even trying to push it very hard - it felt like the last few weeks of limited workouts had cost me a few months worth of conditioning. Could be a couple of things:
1 - I'm hoping the Arby's King Size French Dip combo meal with the large Mountain Dew I'd had 45 minutes previous had something to do with it (diet has gone the way of training the last few weeks as well and I'm telling myself that the amount of blood required in the midsection to digest such a gut bomb probably caused me to go into oxygen deficit while coasting the downhill) - maybe just a bad night and I'm not really that far off my game.
2 - Not just a bad night and I'm in trouble.

Tried to think of a way to spin some kind of positive out of it for #3 - but it would be BS - there was nothing good about tonights ride or any indications I can take from it.

Hoping it was just number 1 - but am admittedly concerned right now that the pain will come at a much slower pace than I'd like this weekend.

Keeping with the crappy tone of this post - have a good friend who's been working hard to get ready for the Leadville 100 in a few weeks who suffered a hard crash this morning and broke some ribs along with battering a few other spots on his body. The guy gets up and rides home up the same north suncrest hill I'm crying about above - only in real bad shape from the crash. The dude is a bad a** and I'm pretty sure that 1 - he climbed the hill on a mountain bike with broken ribs a heck of a lot faster than I did on a road bike with a cracked ego and 2 - he'll ride Leadville with the broken ribs, and ride it pretty fast.

Annie's swimming great - am excited for her this weekend.

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