Thursday, August 14, 2008

Race ready - kind of....

Ok, so after having had my Stan's tubless set up fail me twice in the last month on the mountain bike - once in the Solitude race and once earlier this week, I'm trying a new concoction for the Xterra race this weekend. Here it is..

Yep, the new recipe is two cup fulls of Stan's sealant as directed, with some red glitter dumped in there as an additive. Those micro sealing particles that you can see advertised on the bottle of Stan's haven't been cutting it, so the rationale is that the glitter will serve as not so micro particles and maybe be a little more effective. It will either work and be great, or I'll have a tire that looks like it's bleeding to death.

Went for a short ride up Little Cottonwood last night with Brandon. Leg's felt good and the bike should be good to go with a few minor tweaks and the red glitter. The engine is still suspect, but I'm excited and ready to give it a good effort.

Kylie and Chesney are excited for the kid races. Xterra does a great job with the little festival they bring with them, lot's of fun stuff for the kids that make it a fun place for the family to hang out the night before and afternoon/night after the race. Check out Chesney from last years race - she's photo#6 in the slideshow.

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