Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winter Training - The Torture Chamber

These are called Pilates Reformer machines and they happen to be located in my basement. Annie has spent a lot of hours becoming certified to inflict pain with them. I've asked her to spend some time helping me beef up my core strength this winter and have no question that she will so long as I can hang with her - therein lies the wild card. She's had me sore for about 4 days after a 20 minute workout on these things - hits muscles I wasn't aware of and that I'm pretty sure, based on the soreness, had not been used since I was 6 months old trying to muscle my way into sitting up. 2-3 times a week is the plan, with some spinning/trainer work on the bike and some indoor rock climbing, pool time and some snowboarding to keep it fresh and fun. May even throw in some much needed running.

Who am I kidding - I'll start running about a week before next years first race. But I am looking forward to seeing what Annie and her Pilates stuff can do for me.

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