Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snowshoeing on clouds, Corner Canyon

Corner Canyon was as pretty as I've ever seen it after the fantastic snow we got over the weekend/Monday. The snow is starting to melt/fall of the trees, but there for a few days it was an impressive site and the hike up Clarks Trail on Tuesday felt like walking on and through a fluffy cloud. You can see the volume of snow that clung to the trees in a few of the pictures, and they were boughed over really low across the trail in some areas.

Annie set a good pace, and Brock was getting heavy towards the top. When there weren't trees within reach to knock the snow off of, he was practicing ear cupping his dad.

Down near the bottom of Clarks, Salt Lake Valley and Draper Temple in background.

The winter wonderland that is Clarks Trail - Corner Canyon in the cold months.
Annie after having to wait for me and Brock to catch up - she makes for a good carrot to chase up the trail.
Followed up that night with the Tuesday night XC ski in corner canyon with a few of the conmen. It's a standing event weekly - 8:30 start time - all are welcome. The conmen put the hurt on me this week, I cracked at the top of Hog's Hollow and had to drag myself home.
On the topic of XC skiing - you can get a screaming deal on a full set up down at the old Sports Authority in Sandy - the one by the old Linen's and Things - $85 bucks for the full set up. Fischer Ski's, Fischer Boots, and poles.


dug said...

hog hollow. HOG hollow! no hogs own the hollow.

don't make me come down there.

Jason said...

Dug - pardon me, that Moab education I got as a kid still rears it's ugly head via my grammer, speling, speach, and riting on occasion. Not that that has anything to do with me being ignorant and thinking the name of said hollow was based on a herd vs. one standout. Think I remember you telling a story of catching a couple of folks getting frisky down there? I've been watching for them.