Saturday, February 7, 2009

I ran to the mailbox

I saw Sam's post today and right then and there set the computer down and took off to the mailbox.

Suncrest is going to be all over Leadville this year - this means at least 7 of us are going, with a few more still yet to announce whether they're in. My wife is laughing at the huge grin on my face that's likely to be stuck there for a few hours - pure giddiness.

I need to milk this feeling of this being a fun thing until reality sets in.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations dude sounds like your committed to put some serious miles on the bike this summer. that should make you smokin fast for cross season this year too.

Anonymous said...

I hope you put more effort into training for this thing than you did at blacking out your address on the acceptance letter.

Jason said...

Thanks Pat - yes, am going to have to log some miles this year, but you've seen me race. Don't have expectations of being in the ballpark of fast, just hoping to get a little less slow.