Monday, March 30, 2009


I've now ridden two races on my tubular wheels/tires. First race I was a little sketched out due to it being my first time gluing tubular tires, along with some questions out there regarding the tufo glue tape's compatibility with continental's tires, which is what I've got set up. Typical questions in the back of your mind - did I do it right, will it hold? It did.

Second race I didn't even think about it - out of sight, out of mind. Then I see this....

Perhaps more impressive than the crash is the leader's save, those track bikes aren't the most nimble breed of bike when they get sideways, he rode out of it - although he does look scared - or maybe just a little violated by his top tube.

I may relegate the tubulars to rides that go in a straight line and cyclocross - not to keen of the idea of having my tire wrapped around my foot/pedal after rolling it, nor of having my clothes ripped half way off by asphalt.

Photo Source - Casey Gibson gallery from


zeph said...

holy crap. i am going to have sam help me put mine on. by posting this, you now have too much bad mojo going on.

dug said...

i can't believe you're going sew ups. why? are all the cool kids doing it?

Jason said...

Zeph - did you get some tubies?

Dug - got a good deal on some cool tubular wheels for next cross season, so tried to help justify that purchase by spending yet more on some road tubies so the wheels get used in the interim... makes good sense right... yeah, wife didn't buy it either. If/when I discover some good, legit reason for why on the road tubies I'll share it, right now their just good at making me a little edgy when I take a corner in excess 5 mph.