Sunday, April 26, 2009

RAWROD - the morning after

Had some soreness after 9+ hours of saddle time yesterday - asked my wife to take a look at the extent of the damage this morning and here's what she saw - hope I'm back to normal before too long.

More on the ride later...


Anonymous said...

thats niiiiice

Jonnie J said...

Just know you're not the only one.

eber said... did the "visit" go with Anne Marie with that thing all swolled up and such?

i am feeling much better today. thinking we should take Banks down for another go this weekend. i'll drive support.

See if Elden and Kenny will part with their Brat and Bread recipes.

Jason said...

Pat - that's what my wife said.

JJ - thanks for the group support, and thanks for ripping my legs off for a few miles after Murphy's.

Eric - gently.