Friday, June 5, 2009

Teva Mountain Games - chill day today

Fun and relaxed day today - watched some amazing athletes in the bouldering qualifiers, some bike free riding, and some of the freestyle kayak qualifiers. Concerts tonight and some prep for tomorrow. This is a cool place and a cool conglomerate of outdoor competitions, having a great time.

Competitions for Annie and I start tomorrow with the Kayak Sprint for me in the morning at 9:19 (similar to TT format in cycling). This one may be pretty sketchy, meant to get out in the Dagger boat a few times last week and maybe a test run down Gore Creek today - none of it happened, so am going into it cold turkey after a couple years of not getting out. Have to admit I'm pretty nervous about this one, Gore Creek's running fast and cold, and not sure if I'll feel comfortable getting back in the cockpit and stretching the skirt over the top, or if I'm going to be a wobbly mess. We'll see....

Annie goes off on her 5k mud run at 2:30 and will then scramble to get cleaned up and ready to race the mountain bike, we'll both go off around 3:45 and a little after 4:00. Prerode the course today, it's short, steep in sections, with the most technical downhill 1 track I'll have raced on. Slick roots, tree lined narrow lanes (ping ponged off a few with the shoulders today), and some drops that need to be commited to with some speed. Plenty of sections to stack it up badly on if your not dialed in. Annie's awesome, rode most of it today, and picked out the sections that will be safer and more comfortable for her to run down - this is a nasty course to do your first race on, but she's gonna take it head on - she's awesome!

Updates via twitter on race details as the day unfolds, unless I drown in the morning.

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