Sunday, August 9, 2009


P.S. Just took some snapshots of the computer screen to get these on here. Makes the video a little more tense knowing what I'm trying to wrench back into place. I'm an idiot.

P.S.S - yes, I'm aware my left pinkie may look as bad as the ring finger in the video. It's just fine. It was a dislocation, and also a field repair during a high school football game. First time I've seen an x-ray picture of it and will now admit maybe my alignment might have been a little off.

Started the video camera thinking I may get footage of a cool "in the field" repair of a dislocation. Ended up getting a four/five minute documentary of leadville hopes and ambitions dying on my last hard effort training ride before the race next week. Desperate wrenching on that hand, trying to stay positive in believing I could work it back to being right. Was still thinking it was 50/50 going into the hospital that it would just be a quick jerk on it by the doc to fix it. He knew the second he looked at it, and I was crushed when I saw the x-ray (tried to post it but can't get it off the cd they sent with me). Doc threw a temp. cast on and told me to see a hand guy to get it fixed right, so going to try and get into the TOSH folks first thing in the morning. Think it's more desperation than reality, but holding onto a sliver of hope that they can put some hardware in that would make it stable enough to race saturday. I still can't believe this happened. It's the bone that goes from my ring finger knuckle to the wrist, sheared in half on probably the least violent crash I've ever had.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine! I am impressed I didn't hear any bombs in your video. Hope it heals soon! That really sucks man.

Nate K.

Anonymous said...

IM really sorry dude. Just dont follow my example of refusing the trainer and gaining 15 lbs. itll heal faster than you think.

eber said...

while they're at it, can you please have the docs fix that wretched left pinkie! good lord man...that thing is horrifying.

that was probably the most queasy I have felt watching 7 minutes of video in a long time.

the last 10 seconds are truly heart breaking.

i am sorry man. good luck tomorrow.

Derron Tanner said...

Come on J-Dub, fess up! We know you did this just to get out of Leadville. That totally sucks! I can't even imagine what you must be going through. You should come to Leadville and be our cheerleader/soigneur. I know, not exactly what you were hoping for. Hopefully the hand heals quick and you're back on the bike ASAP.

evilbanks said...

i keep thinking about all the training rides we did, all the calorie watching, all the racing (you did) all the preparation and discussion revolving around Leadville. This kills me man. absolutely kills me. Looks like we will be headed back next year. Let me know if you need anything man.....

dug said...

good lord . . . you're like mel gibson in lethal weapon, when he bangs his shoulder in an out. i had to stop watching.

ian was watching that with me and he said "who IS that? that guy is TOUGH!"

Meg and Abe said...

So I don't know if I should congratulate you on your persistence or question if you have a sick masticate side of you that I don't know yet. Either way, I did enjoy the Bear Grills like video footage. Hope it doesn't take too long to heal.


Jason said...

Nate - thanks man, hoping to be back on the road bike real soon, and mt. bike mid sept. Want to get out on a ride with you.

Pat - back on the trainer this week.

Eber, DT, Banks - after watching you guys get that weather in Leadville, I'm not so sure it wasn't a lucky "break". How's that for original.

Dug - like I said, I'm an idiot.

Abe - it's already a whole lot better. now you know I'm an idiot.