Monday, August 31, 2009

Rookie tooth fairy

All the buzz around the house the last few days has been the race between Kylie and I, and if I could lose the cast on my arm before she could pull her loose tooth out. I lost yesterday afternoon. Couple of rookie questions: 1 - what's the going rate for teeth these days? I don't want my kid talking to your kid and having to learn I underpaid, or worse yet, overpaid. Either way, pretty sure the tooth fairy stage of parenthood is easier on the pocketbook than at Dug's stage, with his rookie round of that right of passage, 16th birthday. 2 -What do tooth fairies do with teeth? Don't know why that inquiry never crossed my mind when I was the one selling teeth. Annie chucked it, against my idea of collecting them and one day making her a mothers necklace, and some matching earrings.

Got the cast off the hand today. Replaced by a real small splint. One of life's simple pleasures taking that first shower and getting to scrub that dead itchy skin off. Hand acutally feels relatively good, but have a little work to do on the tendon's through the wrist, it only lasted 15 minutes on the trainer tonight in a few different positions on the handlebars before getting pretty uncomfortable. Should loosen up in a day or two I'm guessing. Really happy to be past the immobile stage with this thing.


eber said...

bring on LOTOJA!

i may need some tips on cleaning dead skin. keegan busted his arm in two spots today...gonna be cleaning his dead skin in about 6 weeks.

Jason said...

EB - LOTOJA may be more ride than race for me, not sure the form will be there. Looking forward to it though. Sorry to hear about the little guy - that sucks! Hangers work good to tackle the itching if it's not casted past the elbow.

Nate Kingdon said...

Huge props to doin Lotoja after being off the training for a month or so. Thats pretty killer!

Eber, sorry to hear bout Keegan, what was he doin?

Meg and Abe said...

Abe and I were seriously disturbed at the thought of a human tooth necklace and earrings.