Friday, September 25, 2009

Get'n giddy wit it - cyclocross season draws near

It must be close, theme of the week for the bike bloggers is cyclocross. Utah has a fantastic cyclocross series. Am disappointed to say I'm going to miss the first two weeks with the hand not being quite ready for the hardcore stuff, and another procedure that Annie's got me signed up for - something about cutting my nuts off or a similar effect.

Am also disappointed to miss week 1 in particular, that Buenaventura course is one of my favorites - Sam and I stuck around after that race last year and found the ideal spot to spectate - all you want to see in a cyclocross race - crashes and near crashes, may make the trek up there just to watch that log obstacle again this year.

On the topic of crashes - here's some video from the single log obstacle at the state championships last year - endo's at 1:45, 3:33, 7:49, and 9:32. Good primer for a variety of ways to approach the logs.

Fitness will be a problem for me for cross this season, am back to winter form after the time off this summer. But can't think of a better way to try and regain some of it than the riot that is cyclocross racing.

Good Cyclocross blogging over at Mud and Cowbells.

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Ski Bike Junkie said...

I was kind of thinking about 'cross this year. Then we rolled out of Montpelier yesterday morning and it was freakshow cold and I remembered how bad I hate riding in the cold. You can have your mud and cowbells. I've got six weeks until ski season.