Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recent introductions

Going out to the grandparents is always a big treat for the kids, it's out in the country where adventures run aplenty, especially when you're a tike. They're getting old enough now that they've got the capability and the brains to get a crack at some stuff they haven't ever done before. Here are a few recent ones.

Misc. firearms:
There will be a few who read this who if you don't already think I'm irresponsible, are gonna come to that verdict in the next few minutes... I'm ok with that, won't hold it against you for too long, but here's the deal. I grew up on a ranch, where life was simple, entertainment consisted primarily of stuff that took place outside the walls of my house, and guns and hunting were something I was never introduced to - it was just part of life from as far back as I can remember. And here's the next deal - I'm fairly confident that that's the best way to make sure a kid isn't scared of, nor ever has an accident with, a gun.

So, Grandpa the cop went through the safety demonstration and the kiddo's fired they're first shots recently - even the two year old. And they loved it. And Annie and I loved it. And Grandma and Grandpa loved it - kind of a right of passage type thing for the kids. They know that guns are a serious thing, not toys - and it was a perceptible boost to their confidence when they realized we were really letting them in on one of the bigger people activities, and even bigger boost when they were successful with it.

And Annie - she took her first shots with a big kid firearm that didn't have a stock on it: It was a little bigger than anything she'd shot before, and she'd had enough when it scuffed nail polish or something on the second shot.

Kylie cracking a few shots with the littler guy gun - they were a little small yet for the pistol.

Have to exclude Brock from the notes on confidence and self esteem that came from being trusted to a big kid activity, etc... he hasn't reached the stage where he's not full of it yet - he squeezed of his 3 rounds in about 1.5 seconds.

The oldest is ready for rabbits

And the next introduction started the same day, when they surprised us with their competency in scrambling up this slab of rock, before we could tell them to wait for help.
So, we decided then and there it was time to introduce them to a little bouldering and wall climbing.
And they were awesome...

Couple of notes to self:
1 - There were a few activities that Annie and I enjoy that have been pretty non existent since starting our little family - rock climbing and kayaking being the primary losers. Rock climbing looks like it will be coming off the DL within the next year or so, kids are looking to become one of the drivers to get out vs. an excuse not to.
2 - Good reminder to take a break from telling them what not to do and let the rats of the rug remind us that they're pretty damn capable when turned loose, and pretty great adventure buddies to boot...
3 - and to get the pig husband comment in - I really like belaying Annie in whatever pants she was climbing in.


South County Ciclista said...

Looks like good times with the family.

dug said...

i don't think that qualifies as a pig comment.

Derron said...

that would only be a pig comment if you were saying it about someone besides Annie.