Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tour of the Depot recap

TT - legs were fine, mind was weak and couldn't push past the slightest discomfort. Bike handling a little rusty - overbaked the last corner into a field which provided some humor to the volunteers working that intersection. Midpack finish.

Circuit race - legs were fine, until they weren't, and it wasn't a slow death from the fine to weren't state, it was fine one acceleration, then weren't the next - and it was game over when that happened - I didn't and couldn't recover. Same problem I had with cross last fall after the layoff, but had somehow forgotten it. This was a big reminder, and the most productive revelation from the weekend in regards to what needs worked on. I was dropped real fast midway through the race - no rubber band slowly stretching to an eventual snap - it was a flat out pop off the back.

Road race - Tried to ride smarter, but couldn't resist trying to get into the mix in a few spots that were going to be obvious accelerations and potential selection points in the wind, and same result, went too hard one too many times, and drop city. Fought back on once, only to pop again and get caught solo in the cross wind. Again, capacity to recover quickly was piss poor.

Good weekend in regards to getting back into the race scene. I was slow, no sugarcoating it, but it was productive. Picked up a Powertap over the winter under the presumption that between work and some other potential business opportunities, time may be a bit limited this year and it can help make riding time a little or a lot more productive, and got some good benchmarks to try and train around from the race. Trying not to turn into a data geek, but this thing is kind of fun - more on it later after I've done more with it.

Not sure what's next - may not race again until Mesa Verde... whole bunch of fitness to gain in the meantime.


Jonathan said...

I was sure glad to be racing with you again! We both have work to do. The season is just starting though we have time! and you have the toys!

Evil Banks said...

You are a badass man------Can't wait for Mesa Verde..............