Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Iron Horse Classic 2010

Fantastic time in Durango again - if there's a better weekend for both bike racing and family vacation time anywhere else, let me know. Hard to imagine it being better than the Iron Horse in Durango though.

The racing efforts were a small success - went in this year 8-10 pds heavier than last year so wasn't sure how it would go and was a little scared I'd be slower, but went a few minutes faster than previous in both the road race and TT and rode better in the crit. So, either paced a little smarter (less smart on the TT, was late to my start) or am a little stronger. So small positives to take away, despite still going pretty slow. One of our top local pro's, Burke Swindlehurst, won the race - it's a big time event and it's the 2nd time he's won it. Maybe the longest stretch between win #1 and win #2 at the Iron Horse?

Bunch of random photo's from the trip....

Went through here late at night, but, I like these, so seems like it could be a cool town...

Soaking in the hot springs pools in Ouray post race weekend.... soaked for about 4 hours.... still coming unwrinkled.... kids would have stayed another 4 if we let them.

Think I've mentioned before that Durango is a hardcore town when it comes to the outdoor lifestyle. This set up's pretty indicative of the crowd there....

Lunchtime at the Telluride stop on the way home had a place for the kids to do a little scrambling on some climbing features.

The kids dug the free Gondola up the mountain in Telluride on the way to lunch.

They also dug feeding the fish and turtles in the Koi pond next to the hot springs in Ouray.

They also dug the abundance of waterfall hikes in Ouray...

And hiking around the Amphitheater area of Ouray

Here's the crit scene at the Iron Horse... super fast corner and those tires got some action that day. I'm the dude in the middle.

A little earlier shot of the same corner, different lap.

Managed to win the group that got shelled sprint, coming around the muscles in the Jackal kit about 30 yards from the finish.

Brock spent most of his race giving the crowd his thumbs up, which was a nice distraction from him being pissed the only helmet we had that fit him had flowers on it.

Any guesses as to what this is...? And no, I didn't find it in the town of Areola, I mean, Arriola.

Chesney setting up for a corner in her race.

Me and the kids after finishing the race from Durango to Silverton... such a cool race route.

The kids watching the train roll through camp. The Iron Horse Classic got it's start when a couple of dudes decided to race from Durango to Silverton - one driving the train, one driving his bike.
Can't say enough good things about this race and trip - one of our favorite getaways every year, and should be even better next year with a dirt race being added.


evilbanks said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

eber said...

next year i want you to bring some of them iron boobs back to us as souvenirs.

nice job.