Monday, September 13, 2010

Vikingman half distance triathlon race report

Me and the little guy finishing up the day.

His kick was a helluva lot stronger than mine was - he coulda beat me in a foot race at the moment, but he stayed back with me like any good son would.

A little gallery interaction during transition - dexterity was non existent from the cold and getting socks on was no small task - which provided some humor for the spectators.

Race breakdown:
Swim: Cold, really cold. 38* out of the water - warmer in where it was around 62* - still not warm, but ok while in it. Once out running on the cold grass to transition, it got real cold real fast. Spent 35 minutes in the water.
Bike: it was a four lapper. Detailed lap by lap account:
Lap 1 - finding lines on the chip sealed section which felt great on a rigid cold body that wouldn't warm up until lap 3.
Lap 2 - -mind numbing
Lap 3 - mind numbing
Lap 4 - mind numbing to the point of getting stupider, exit the loop, make a wrong turn where a course marshall is standing in the opening of the barricaded road picking his nose, and log a 5 minute, mile and a half (de)tour snaking through an old neighborhood along the river. Motorcycles come and get me back to the course.
Run: Ok for the first 5 miles, then stuff starts breaking down. Walking helps the stuff breaking down. It had gotten painful by mile 8/9, so more walking. The rest of the way in it was probably more walking than running, knew it wasn't the case, but got to the point where it felt like injury pain vs. fatigue pain. Walking felt great. Painful, slow, painfully slow, it was all of the above. Highlighted by the loop taking us out around the water treatment facility, where the flies would sniff out the Gel residue on your dry lips which made the run all the more pleasant.
1 - Happy enough with my time given the lack of swim/run prep. Mostly happy it was over though.
2 - Got a good idea what my TT pacing should be on a 2+ hour effort, have a little room to go a little harder here.
3 - Can't fake your way around a half marathon. The days running mileage exceeded the previous months, and I was paying for it big time starting around mile 8. As a matter of fact, I'm still paying for it a bit 2 days later.


Nate K said...

Badass! That water temp gives me shrinkage just thinkin bout it.

Eric said...

Amazed you had the cajones to give that one a go one week after pcp2p. I barely survived my 1/2 marathon that day let alone that plus a swim and bike ride.

But most importantly that orange tri suit was super stylish.

Nice work JDub!