Friday, October 22, 2010

Whole Enchilada

Behind a few outings on here. A couple Monday's ago we went down to Moab for Brandon's Columbus Day Special ride - the Whole Enchilada down in Moab. Starts up high in the La Sals and after a little climbing to stay warm in the morning, you ride down till you get to the river.

Trent, Dug, Brandon and the rest of the day's crew on the shuttle ride up.

Working our way to the top of Burro Pass.

Looking back from Burro Pass

Brandon and Miles - they were the film crew for the day.

Rob at Warner Lake, with some of the ride's earlier terrain way back there in the background.
Dug working on a move down near the river.

The Whole Enchilada is a dandy, big mix of terrain. Thanks to Brandon for putting the trip together! Already looking forward to doing it again next year.

One last photo - action shot of the guy of portrait fame from Miles blog.

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South County Ciclista said...

Nice Pics. Glad you made it this year.