Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kidlets burn the midnight oil

We got there at 10:00 pm, they were on the walls at 10:30 after waiting in a line one might expect when a popular band is playing a small club, and they went non stop until 1:00 am when the oldest laid down and went to sleep on the floor. It was late night climbing night at the local climbing gym - 10pm to 2 am. The place was packed, lines 3-4 deep at all he top ropes, bouldering area was shoulder to shoulder - only good place was the one that mattered, the kids wall, so Annie and I just sat and enjoyed watching the rats of the rug work on their bouldering skills.
Kylie is strong, and muscles her way through problems. Her determination pushes her strength hard - watched her cling herself on the wall in some positions that I didn't think she had a chance to hold on to.
Chesney's a little more cerebral, watched her on several occasions stop and think her way through some sequences. Some climbers make it look graceful, Chesney is that type of climber.

Annie working on her ninja feet - soft and quiet. Annie's both exceptionally strong, and graceful.
And then there's Brock - kind of at that age where motor skills and the like start to progress faster than growth in actual size, so when people started gathering to watch the "little boy" who's up past midnight working the wall, with some cheers and gawking, he started to get a little Hollywood on us.
By 1:30 the younger 2 were starting to get dreary eyed, so we packed it up a little early. They've been asking to go again since waking up Saturday morning.

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