Sunday, May 22, 2011

12 hours of Mesa Verde 2011

Quick recap and some photos..... behind here and have some Yosemite hiking/climbing and Green River kayak stuff to get up as well.

Instead of bagging one more lap than last year I did one less. Right about in line with where my fitness is this year, riding less than once every other week thus far. First hard riding on the new Yeti - it's fantastic. Rode the course (one of my all time top two race venues) on the full suspension epic last year and was dramatically less beat up after this years race on the Yeti hardtail. Partly due to the lower mileage, but would attribute a lot of it to the big wheeled bike as well, I was late to buy in but there something to them.

Highlight was probably the multiple buck offs. Took two of the worst diggers I've ever taken that day - one on lap one, and the worst on the last lap. Came up with only surface damage from both. The last one decapitated my helmet when the bike came flying by from behind, taking my helmet with it. Despite being fine, had to sit and get unrattled for a minute, it was high speed and easily the hardest I've ever hit. Super lucky to come out clean. Don't know what my deal was, but I had to be the sketchiest rider on the course that day - aside from the two hard get offs, there were several others that were less hard but no less clumsy.

Annie even got lap in for a team with no name - think we'll be doing some duo MTB events in the future, she's getting a lot more comfortable on the Mtn bike.

The kids also raced, and did fantastic - Brock's first race on the big kid bike - he did great. Kylie's about ready to venture out into Corner Canyon.

Followed up the race with a trip out to the ruins with the Banks, Pogues, and Seamon's - fun trip with fun friends - still looking for an itch to get on the bike though, thought it would have hit by now, but heading Colorado for the Iron Horse and Teva Mtn Games later this week and haven't even thought about a bike since Mesa Verde, curious to see how it goes there....

Photo's from the trip...


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