Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter at Goblin Valley

We headed down to Goblin Valley Easter weekend, in hopes of warm weather and some high caliber easter egg hunting. As has been the trend this year, it was cold and rained a lot, we're batting 1000 on hitting bad weather when we get out of town to escape it - those 30% chance of rain days have bucked the odds every time, without fail. The cool thing about the desert? Once the storm blows over it can go from 35* to 70* in about 45 minutes, and it did just that for us on Easter Sunday, providing for a good afternoon in the hoodoos.

The White chicks doing their yoga poses.
Easter morning the kids finished their easter egg hunt and found the booty stash about 45 seconds before the rain hit hard - we spent the next few hours huddled in the tent playing with their new stuff - which turned out to be pretty high quality time.
The day before was Little Wild Horse Canyon with Jeremy and Mandy and their kids who are schoolmates of our kids.
Log limbo near the canyon entrance.
Brock worked on his hatchet skills, still has all his toes.

Last year at Goblin Valley we were treated to an exceptional sunset. This year, for a brief period between rainstorms, we were treated to an exceptional Easter morning sunrise.
Here's the Honda Pilot ad version...
Goblin Valley has officially become one of the White family's favorite destinations. I took the new Yeti 29er bike out on it's first ride away from home, and found a whole bunch of new country to explore down there. Reminded me how much I love to jump on the bike with no idea where I'm going or going to end up, life at it's simplest, not many things better.


South County Ciclista said...

My kids also love a good Red Rock Easter Egg Hunt. I still need to get my kids down into Goblin Valley and its surrounding areas. Looks like you had a great time.

Tri and Run Couple said...

Look like I know where we are going for Easter next year! Beats the 5 min. egg hunt at our church.