Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sun Valley and Sawtooths for the 4th

Headed north for a Sun Valley/City of Rocks 4th of July weekend, but ended up staying at the former once up there - too much to check out in the few days we'd allotted for it. Not the slightest bit sad that we'll have to make another trip up to get the climbing in at City of Rocks.

Few pics in reverse order of the trip....

We wrapped up the weekend in Hailey for the Independence day festivities - they make a great day of it up there. There's something about being in a small town for the 4th that I like a lot, think we may make an annual tradition of heading to a different little place every year for that weekend.

The two youngest raced their bikes just prior to the pro crit that immediately follows the parade. Here's the 4 yr old after what might be his last race on the Spiderman bike - he's outgrowing bikes about every six months it seems.
The kids favorite was the shootout show just prior to the parade - bad guys robbed the Mint building on Main St.
Rare scenes when candy wasn't being chased down and gathered during the parade. Think they outdid last years Halloween haul at this parade.

Made an excursion further up into the Sawtooth range one day. Impressive mountains, rugged....
Spent some time relaxing and paddleboarding at Redfish lake.

Spent most of the weekend in the Wood River Valley in and around Ketchum. Allison Krauss & Union Station (a band with some good banjo ranks high on my list of enjoyments), bike riding, kids first night hike, walkie talkie games in the woods - all part of a great and patriotic weekend with the family in Sun Valley and this great Country we're fortunate to live in.

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