Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grand Canyon teaser - Annie reveals a mental block

Blocks - we've all had em' at some point - inability to push past a certain point of exertion that you know is short of max, a bout with irrational fear (not to be confused with gut instinct), or times when the brain checks out for a bit at work, etc..... but this one is pretty funny.  I can put Annie on the face of a vertical wall and she's fine, even if she's hanging on by her fingertips.  Stepping over the edge to rappel a cliff?  Maybe timid on occasion, but she'll walk herself over it without coercion.  Leave the ground for a few seconds with a nice soft landing in a pool of water at the bottom - frozen stiff. Training to break through this mental/physical block started right when we got back and has gone great - she's already leaping off curbs.

Speaking of jumping - Annie and I met Jeb Corliss, a guy who's jumped off a few things himself, at the OR show last month.  Got to talking about the South Africa stunt for a bit... I asked him to pull his pant legs up, and it's safe to say that Annie won't be graduating to a squirrel suit after a first hand look at what may be the most impressive collection of scars I've ever seen on anyone who wasn't a burn victim.  Google him if you haven't already seen it.

Enjoy the footage of me and some cohorts heckling Annie while her brain tries to sort through the quandary of knowing these are perfectly safe jumps, pleasurable even, yet not being able to make her feet let go of the ground.

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