Friday, June 6, 2008

Gear pile

Here's my gear for tomorrow's race along with a few clues and conclusions that can be drawn from this photo:
  • Socks tucked into my right running shoe = dead giveaway that this guys not a hardcore triathlete and is willing to spot the hardcore guys at least 10-15 seconds in T1 while he puts his comfy foot cushions on prior to his next T1 (transition 1 aka swim to bike transition) sin.
  • Road bike shoes = T1 sin #2. The fast guys will have their shoes already attached to their pedals when they arrive at their transition area, stop long enough to throw on their helmet and sunglasses, wipe their feet on a towel and off they'll go. You can't get on your bike inside the transition area, so they'll be running barefoot at a pretty good pace and jump on the bike midstride once they've exited T1, then pedal with their feet on top of their premounted shoes until they're at a reasonable speed, then reach down and get their feet inside their shoes and velcro up/buckle in. My T1 will include the following features not found in the process just described: 1 - Those comfy socks mentioned in the last bullet need to be put on my feet (my road shoes were made for feet with socks, I think) 2 - Good chance I'll be putting my bike shoes on in T1 vs. the running start method. This will be somewhat dependent on what kind of location I can land to set up my T1. I'll get as close to the exit which will limit the distance I have to run in the road bike clogs. If I don't get a good spot, there will be some spectators in for a treat watching some clown trying run his bike out of transition with half inch risers on the bottom of his stiff shoes - maybe even a T1 crash. Can always try the running steed mount but have bad dreams about snagging stuff on the seat and not being able to get my feet in my shoes for the entire bike leg - listed in order of concern/fear factor.
  • T2 should be fast as I've already put the socks on in T1. Swap hats, shoes and take off. Hope to get a good mile in here before stopping to 1 - thank the neighborhood kids cooling us down with hoses and 2 - recover from the first mile of running. Will walk as long as needed to make sure I have a strong kick when I come around the last turn and head to the finish line - that's where the most people are so it's important to look real fast there. Not a lot of triathletes coming into the finish line in a full out sprint kick, so am thinking that the chicks might dig it and think I ran the full run leg like that.

Will post a full report on the race sometime this weekend unless Annie beats me on her first attempt, in which case there will be no mention of it.

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