Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spring Training is over

We make the first plunge into the water this Saturday at the Salem Spring Triathlon. Our first triathlon of the year and Annie's first ever. We decided back in December that we'd try to have an active race calendar this year to keep ourselves honest about getting back into good form. While training has been far removed from structured, we've been doing conditioning work whenever we can, and for the most part, have made good progress to this point. I've taken on Mtn biking as my new guilty pleasure for the year so have been doing some races on weekends for the past couple of months. Don't want to be misleading with the term "race". While they are races and there are racers, I'm slow, and use these events for threshold workouts moreso than pretending to be competitive. Only a little shame here in admitting that my sloth pace on a Mtn Bike can get me to threshold and provide an intense workout. I can hang with the fast guys for approximately 200-500 yards before blowing up and being worthless the rest of the race. I'd like to get competitive someday, but have lots of work to do to get there. There are lots of good cyclists here where I live so plenty of folks to learn from.

Annie has prepared well. She's a little nervous about the swim, standard procedure for your first triathlon unless you were on the swimteam in high school (she was not). We've had few friends provide some coaching and she's more ready than I was for my first race. She'll be surprised at how brutal that first open water swim is, but also surprised at how capable she is. I think there's a dang good chance she'll post a better run than I will. It's awesome having a wife who get's excited about this stuff with me.

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