Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old Stompin grounds - Moab

We spent the past weekend in Moab, the little southeastern Utah town where I grew up. It's one of our (including the kids) favorite places to go for a few days of recreation and we try to make the trip at least a couple of times a year. Brandon, Sam, Dug, Erik and I took the day off from work on Friday and headed down early that morning for some mountain biking before the wives and kids joined up with us that night. We rode slickrock which was great, I hadn't ridden it since high school! Then headed to Amasa back for a late afternoon/evening ride which was fantastic. The other guys are pretty good technical riders and there were a lot of tough sections that were fun to watch them work through. We recapped the days adventures over dinner at the Moab Brewery, plenty of laughs with this group - great guys.

The wives and kids pulled into town just as we finished dinner and we called it a night. The girls got up and rode up the Colororado River Saturday morning, putting in about 40 miles in what seemed like a really fast ride, they were back much sooner than expected much to the relief of us dad's trying to herd cats, I mean kids, while they were gone. Spent the rest of the day relaxing at the pool and playing games into the evening - the great guys also have great wives so it made for a fun evening with lots more laughs.

Capped the trip off with a little jaunt to Delicate Arch and some rolling in the sand at Sanddune Arch before heading home. The kids hiked great, and Brock caught all but the last mile back when he decided to check out for some snoozing.

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