Sunday, September 28, 2008

Putting the taper to the test

This week we'll load up and head to Tahoe/Incline Village for the last triathlon of the year. In any kind of endurance racing, there is a portion of training leading up to an event called a taper. The purpose of the taper is to back your body off of the latter stages, the most intense portions of a training cycle/plan and have it ready to "peak" at the specific event.

I haven't employed a rigid or structured training plan this year, but I have been working on this taper technique for about 4 weeks now (a typical taper period usually consists of no more than a week leading up to a race). The results of this 4 week taper are as follows:
  • I'll be going into this race the heaviest I've been for a race this year - the extra weight may be useful if economic conditions continue to get worse, but it won't be great for this race.
  • Good workouts have consisted of riding my bike at the 12 hours of Sundance race and on the trip to Moab last weekend. I actually felt pretty good on both occasions.
  • I'm hoping I haven't forgotten how to swim since the Xterra race in Ogden 6 weeks ago, hard to say... still seem to be comfortable in the bathtub so will take that as a positive into the race. Also, should float slightly better with the extra weight.
  • I've eaten lot's of crap, and found that I actually don't enjoy eating crap any more than I enjoy eating the decent food I eat when I'm paying attention to food intake. This new awareness is actually one of the better byproducts of this years training.
  • The intense discipline I've demonstrated with my diet has carried over to my run training. Those of you who have followed this blog for a bit have read a few comments on how I intended to focus my training on the run. I have logged approximately 1 mile a week for the last 6 weeks - yeah, I know, the intensity is beyond me as well... the run should be consistent with previous races this year, although I intend to push it pretty hard.

Looking forward to the getaway with the family and seeing some friends.

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