Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bringing down the house at the Atlantis Hotel & Casino in Reno

I'll start with the less exciting news of the day. The weather forcast for the race saturday continues to deteriorate. As of today, the High, and I'll stress that I'm talking about the HIGH, is supposed to be 42, and the low - a balmy 28 degrees. The one positive, it's a pretty dramatic cool off the next few days so the water temp shouldn't have time to drop nearly as much. Regardless, it's going to be a pretty brutal day - can't help but think there's a good chance of getting some snow at the top of the bike course.

So back to the title of this post. We got into Reno about midnight last night and checked into the Atlantis. The girls are just hitting the sack tonight with their booty after making a killing at the Atlantis arcade. They figured out how to play the arcade version of Deal or No Deal and after a bunch of big pots, and one gigantic one, they cashed in just under 3,000 of those tickets that these arcade machines spit out (usually 5-20 per play). The take? A Strawberry Shortcake pony, and Baby Shrek doll that wears a diaper the girls can pretend to change, and some booby prizes for Brock. I won't try to articulate how many tickets 3,000 is, but it's a bunch - and the dude behind the counter had to refill the machines we were playing more than once. Think I'm going to give Kylie and Chesney a quarter each and have them sneak a pull on a slot machine on the way out of here, they're on fire!

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