Friday, October 31, 2008

Scene from the Kindergarten Halloween Party

We're at Kylie's Halloween Party yesterday, the kids are all sitting politely on the rug in their costumes, with the teachers leading them in their Halloween songs that they're all singing pretty enthusiastically. They finish one song, and the teachers are in the process of picking new little helpers for the next song when we hear the following dialogue...

5 year old boy -
"Mrs. Jensen, he said a mean word"
No response, so he followed with the graphic details...
"He said bitch"

To his credit, it worked.

Mrs. Jenson - cool as a cat and not drawing any additional attention to the culprit or the tattle tale..
"Please use nice words" and on she went into the next song, handled like a true master.

Except - every adult in the room got the giggles, the kind that got me and my buddies kicked out of sex ed class everytime they tried to talk about sensitive material in middle school. One adult would get it under control, only to lose it again when they made eye contact with another.

Oh yeah, the kids looked cute in their costumes too...

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