Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Four going on 14

We celebrated Chesney's fourth birthday yesterday - she takes this getting older thing pretty serious and now, rather than asking for us to play her Backyardigans CD, she's asking to watch Pink's "Rock Star" video. And when in play mode she's made the jump from princess to super hero princess which necessitates the blanket, er, cape she's tied around her neck for the past few days. We all really dig Chesney and her role of keeping the imagination flowing strong in the White house.

While cleaning out the bag of dirty gear from last weekend's cyclocross race, Brock started picking out items and knew exactly where they went, even put the gloves on the right hands.

The race last weekend was in Heber and it was an absolute mud bog. First time riding a bike in 4-5 inches of mud and actually had a riot riding in it. Had one section at the end of the lap where I think the best method of attack was to just hit it with as much speed as possible and let momentum carry you as far as it would assuming you could stay upright. Another section came off a corner and didn't afford the luxury of carrying any speed or momentum into it. After some trial and error for a few laps, found the right gear to pedal smoothly and maintain enough traction to keep the bike moving forward with some bite on the rear wheel. Best way to describe the mud is to tell you that when I unpacked my clothes and took them to the laundry room, I got caught with them by my wife, and was sent back outside to hose them off before I was allowed to deposit them in the laundry basket. Can't wait for the weekend to go do it again - looks to be great weather this week at Wheeler.

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