Sunday, November 23, 2008

Utah Cyclocross State Championships

Jumping the double log barrier at the cyclocross race this weekend. Lucky for me, unlucky for you readers, Annie didn't get a photo sequence of the previous lap here. If you look closely in the first photo, you'll see what's become my trademark layer of dirt up my left leg. Coming into these logs I'd stepped my right leg over the seat and was ready to step off into a run with the left foot, only it didn't come unclipped. I've gained some confidence dismounting so had not slowed down much, and the gut reaction when I didn't come unclipped was to hit the deck instead of run head on into the logs - so I layed it down. While Annie didn't get it on camera - the CyclingUtah photographer was right there dialed in, so am hoping he had a glare on the lens or some other mishap.
I'd qualify my riding as average on Saturday, did some things well, still lot's to work on, including riding a clean race with limited self inflicted damage/time wasting mistakes. Thanks to Annie who is cool enough to let me race at the end of an overdue anniversary get away. Although I think I had earned some marriage capital by going to the Twilight movie with her the day before (ok movie, but it drew out some kooks!! there was a chick sitting next to Annie who seriously curled up into these creepy giggles every time Edward came on screen - full on Psyhco!) I told Annie I didn't feel like I was running on a full tank and she accepted full responsibility for it - despite the performance at the race, it was a pretty good weekend to be Jason.

Below is some brief footage from the C race, more footage from the B race including some carnage at the log and a really good finish with a late pass, and the A groups first pass over the log... the guys put on another great race and Fox was even out showing some love to the C's and B's handing out some cash and blasting his techno.

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