Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cyclocross series/bike season wrap up

We wrapped up the Utah Cyclocross series with the race in Draper this morning. Unbelievable cycling weather this late in the year - must have been close to 50' - raced in short sleeves. My race went fine, rode it clean, not fast, but clean and steady. One tactical error on the sprint up the last hill, but that's why cross has been so great, I feel like in my first year racing bikes, 70% of what I've learned has come from these cross races.

The course was fast, smooth, and the little climb up the road at the end of the lap was just enough to seperate the conditioned guys from those of us still lacking the legs/lungs but not the weight. The run up was a little longer than others we've had this year, and was one of the most opportune spots on the course to open a quick gap if you had the legs to hustle up it. Finished the last race of the season with a 9th.

Cyclocross has been a fantastic way to finish my first year of getting into this whole cycling thing - didn't even know what it was this time last year and am now probably hooked at least until age 50.

Done with racing till probably March with the start of the Icup series and what I'm planning on being my first ever road race event, the Tour Del Sol down in St. George. The plan is to quit complaining about my lack of conditioning and try to develop it a little over the winter, we'll see how that goes.... but I want to break out of my beginner guy capacity and compete a lot better next year, both in the bike races and the triathlons/Xterra's. So, time to hit the reformers, get a trainer, drop the extra weight, and develop a decent set of legs and lungs. Will do a year recap post at some point, but the bikes and all the cool people that ride them have been a really fun discovery this year!


b_banks said...

Hey brother! I just discovered your blog. Sam linked you up in one of his posts. Nice work on the cross bike, I wish I could have made it out to some of the races, if not to ride, at least to spectate.

Jason said...

Banks - there's always next year! We need to schedule the January Gooseberry trip - I need something on the calandar to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

hey dude nice x'n with ya this year. a lot of my draper pics have you right behind me. good job.
Have you been riding?

Jason said...

Pat - Haven't been on the bike since the race Saturday other than about 40 minutes on the spinner - which sucks! Good to see a little snow isn't slowing you down.