Monday, December 22, 2008

Suncrest's winter night life

We left Erik R's house at about 8:45 pm and spent a couple of hours XC skiing tonight. Just as with the Mtn. biking, it's hard to believe that within minutes from the house you can be on prime terrain, bite off as much as you feel like, and then able to be in bed within 5 minutes of clipping out. It was the first time Brandon and I had been on the XC skis, Brandon caught on pretty quick, I provided plenty of humor and made sure the pace remained less than reasonable. Erik R. and Eric B. both shared plenty of tips 1 - because they're good guys, and 2 - because they wanted to be home before 2:00 am. They also broke trail in what was a pretty decent accumulation of new snow today.
Brandon, Erik B. and Erik R.
Looking north at the Salt Lake Valley at about 10:00 pm, 18 degrees, and clear skies.
Brandon, Fat guy in a little coat, and Eric B.
Brandon hit a soft spot, right ski, right leg, right butt cheek, right ... all had to be dug out.Here's Eric B., head half way down the hole, digging the last of the ski out.
Not a bad way to spend the evening after moving a foot of snow out of the driveway.


b_banks said...

That was great fun! When are we going again? And for the record, I'm the guy who made sure the pace was less than reasonable! Thanks to E.R. for letting me use his gear and also an apology for breaking the freakin' pole! A new one will be headed his way!

Jason said...

Banks - pretty sure you had to shift into park waiting for me to get up the hill home, and that was when I was able to stay upright.

Sounds like we've got another outing in the works for Saturday morning.