Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 09' top picks

Top kids gift: MSR Denali Tykers snowshoes
Not sure that they trump the doll house or the Baby Alive's (No, I didn't cave and buy the version that poops), but we took them for a test spin tonight and they're fantastic. We've tried a few other sets of Jr. snowshoes and these are hands down the favorites. Good float on the snow, light, and the #1 problem you experience when taking kids under 5 years old snowshoeing, stepping on their own feet/shoes, was almost eliminated completely. The poles are new this year and also a big help for the rats of the rug. Kiddie gear is a must in Suncrest - otherwise they'd spend 4 months of the year pent up in the house due to the snow. They like getting outside, regardless of the temp. or depth of snow. The only thing that bothers them is the wind when it's stinging their faces with the snow. MSR Denali Tykers - Highly recommended.
Getting ready to test out Chesney's new snowshoes.
She cruised in them... 4 yrs old and happy as a clam to be out in deep snow, mid teen temps, hiking the ridge behind the house.

Big sister - Kylie - did a heck of a job breaking trail.
Brock won't graduate to snowshoes until next year - but he's content being carried by his hot momma.

Stripping the kids out of their gear before letting them back in the house after the 1/10th of a mile excursion. Won't be too many more storms before we have to dig a cave exit out of the basement.

Top romantic gift: Fine Literature
Maybe... it's not what you might think, but hope it works like you might think...TBD - recommendation pending.

Gift that's been used non stop since it was opened: Candle Warmer

We got the Aurora lamp and Annie hasn't turned it of yet. Aside from making the house smell good, this company also happens to be locally owned and operated by some good friends of ours. Highly recommended.

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