Saturday, January 3, 2009

09' Race Calendar

Just posted the 09' event/race calendar. I've got some buddy's floating the idea of doing the endurance cycling trifecta - namely Leadville, the Brian Head Stage Race, and then LOTOJA (all within 5 or 6 weeks). I'm publicly removing myself from that lofty ambition - not yet sure I can even handle one of them, although I'm going to try the MTB stage race.

Tomorrow's cyclocross race looks to be a cold and slick - staying upright and uninjured may be a victory in and of itself!


vh1 said...

Hey bro I am sure Annie has an extra DRESS you can start wearing! Trifecta or BUST

Jason said...

VH1 - Yeah - I know. Took a calculated risk that it's better to incur the shame now than the pain and the shame I'd incur from the results if I tried to bite off all three. Pretty sure I'm already in over my head most of the year!