Monday, January 12, 2009

Dirty fun

The pictures pretty much say it. Day 1 of the St. George trip was fantastic - Zen, Barrel, and then down Bear Claw Poppy until mud turned us back. It was a small premonition of the bogging we'd find ourselves doing 10 miles out from the car on day 2. The riding was great, no one had a major crash, no major injuries unless sore backsides count. The only carnage was with Eric B's new to him bike that had a few issues and the mud's victimizing Pat's rear deraileur which ended up in his spokes.
The mud dried out with 4-5 miles back to the car and we finished the trip ripping some fast, fun 1 track back to the car, all grinning ear to ear.
Traditional features of the trip with this group include:

  • Erik R. showing up at departure with the delicious treat bag his wife always sends with him - Thanks Jess!
  • Banks claiming the attic for his sleeping space at the cabin. (Banks rode strong this trip!)
  • Riessen riding some insanely technical stuff that I was scared to walk down/up/around. And Bright riding the same on his new to him 29er.
  • We did our customary expedition work, packing the bikes down into a wash to try and ride them out - this section almost cost a team member an appendage.
  • Typical mechanical issues - Pat happened to know his way around a bike pretty good which was welcomed by all of us whenever these issues would strike.
  • Ben & Jerry's from the Chevron station after day 1.
  • Breakfast at the Pioneer in Springdale with a few takers on the Buckwheat Pancakes
  • EB picking up the scent of the car about 4 miles out, triggering his punishing, relentless 1 track time trial all the way back to it.

New stuff:

  • The discovery of a new species - the hairless (for the most part) sasquatch that ran around in the brush with only tennis shoes on to celebrate the end of 2 days of great biking.

May post some video and photo's later. Good times in the sunshine!


b_banks said...

That trip ruled!! When are we going back?

Jason said...

Desert Rampage baby! I'm in.