Saturday, January 24, 2009

Best & Worst of 08'

Random highlights from 08' - This post will likely have several additions in the future as I remember funny or important stuff from the year.

Best performing investment - Health Savings Account, by a bunch. How ridiculous is that - but simple principal preservation win's big in 08'. If they'd raise the maximum contribution I'd dump more here. Cash flows from real estate holdings also held up fine, but did not keep pace with the paper loss of values.
Worst performing investment - Anything within earshot of the markets. I got absolutley killed here.

Jason's favorite new hobby - Cyclocross
Annie's favorite new hobby - Triathlon

Biggest Gut check:
Jason - continuing to dump precious capital into this market
Annie - putting her face in the water long enough to complete the swim legs of her triathlon events
Kylie - Muttin Bustin
Chesney - Muttin Bustin
Brock - No sense of fear yet, a prerequisite for a gut check. Maybe next year - hopefully.

Favorite race:
Jason - Xterra Tahoe
Annie - Spudman
Kylie - Xterra Ogden
Chesney - Xterra Ogden

Best race performance:
Jason - Xterra Tahoe
Annie - Spudman

Worst race performance:
Jason - Icup Solitude - DNF due to flat's
Annie - Daily race between Annie and the kids to see if they can make messes faster than she can clean up after them. 08' results - kids 350, Annie/Jason 15.

Most painful crash - Draper Cross practice
Most dramatic crash - Draper Cross practice
Most comical crash - Draper Cross practice
Most embarassing crash - Draper Cross practice
Yep - that one pretty much stole the show in the crash category.

Best race series/promoters -The Xterra crew

Best family trip - Tahoe

Sign our kids are growing up fast - Kylie reading Brock bedtime stories

Best new local fast food joint - Five Guys Burgers and Fry's

Most times we shoveled or plowed the snow accumulating in the driveway in one day - 4.

Times we lost one of the kids in a store - 2. Times they intentionally lost themselves by hiding from us - 2. Times they got a butt kicking for it - 2.

Favorite time with the kids - Friday night slumber parties with mom and dad - kids pick the movie and cook the popcorn.

Favorite time with Annie - aside from the obvious, picking up new hobbies together, and all the comedy we get for free with being parents.


Anonymous said...

hows the training coming for leadville? What kin of stuff are you doing?

Jason said...

Couple days of work on the spin bike and a couple of days of bank meetings in Dallas. Got a decent week of work in considering the travel.