Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't breath the air

One of the con's of living where I live in the winter is that I dig/shovel/plow probably 4 times as much snow as I would if I lived in the valley. One of the pro's of living where I live is we dodge the inversion problem that the Wasatch Front has. Usually.

This air sucks. Am getting the urge to get out on the road bike with these warm temps - but am pretty sure the intake of this crap while breathing heavy isn't good. We're usually spared from this stuff at 6'200 feet where the house is, but not this week, it's creeping up late morning/early afternoon. This is what the Salt Lake valley looks like before I head down the hill to work around 7:45 am.

Utah County ain't no better

If I do go ride, I've either got to do it in the morning before this stuff creeps up, or I'm wearing one of those bird flu masks you see them wearing over in asia during outbreak scares, and doubling that layer up with a painters mask.


dug said...

i will give you 10 dollars if you ride suncrest with a blue mask on.

Jason said...

Dug - If that happens - I'll make sure to prove it with a photo and collect.