Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cervelo Soloist

Here's the transformation of the Cervelo from road bike to time trial bike - minus the clip on bars and aero wheels.

Seriously, how great is that for the guy who will probably only do a few TT's a year, which doesn't come close to justifying the purchase of a thouroughbred TT bike. An extra seat post and seat and it's a 30 second job to go from a road set up to a set up that's supposed to facilitate me contorting my body into an Aero tuck. Heck you don't even really need the extra seatpost and seat, but I'd recommend it. It's a heck of a bike if you need one that can wear a couple of hats - road, triathlon, TT, and it's probably one of the least expensive bikes in the herd of Suncrest guys I ride with. I like it a lot.
Off to the Iron Horse Classic in Durango - will post race updates via twitter on the sidebar. Good luck to the Suncrest cats racing Icup here in Draper this weekend - rip it!

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