Thursday, July 23, 2009

SWAG from the OR show

It falls short of Christmas in July, but it does rank right up there with the experience of going to Toys R' Us when your a tike. I'm pretty happy about a few of these things, the 2XU recovery socks and the Merino wool shirt in particular. The tent lantern, regular socks, Tifosi shades, sandals, etc... are all useful stuff in the Whitehouse. Lot's of cool new stuff, lot's of new stuff that doesn't stand a chance, and an assortment of freebies that are certainly superior to the banking conference circuit where the stress/squish balls are somehow still thought to be a good use of swag funds. They are not, regardless of shape, size, or color - seriously. On the topic of overplayed swag, on the race scene, let's find something to replace t-shirts and water bottles - seriously.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

Didn't even realize OR was in town, I'm so out of it. Every year I think I should try and use my blog to get press credentials or something. Every year I forget to try and pull what limited strings I have. Looks like you made out pretty well.

eber said...

I meant to ask you at church today if you push a shopping cart across the exhibition hall. Do the exhibitors call you the swag grab guy?

Jason said...

EB - Not necessary this year with the down economy, but in a normal year when they've got the purse strings loosened way up, this is where they spend it, and yes, a shopping cart would be appropriate there. The swag's cool, but the real takes are the last day when they'll sell the real stuff for a song vs. load it up and ship it home - case in point, the climbing wall in my garage.

The first year I went I grabbed everything, am more selective now and keep it to one bag.