Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leadville Nutrition plan

In the pockets:
Gu Chomps were an easy pick for the gummy food. My only initial beef was that the packaging was a pain in the butt relative to the shot blocks wrapping, but I've actually done a 180* and decided I like it, better even. Easy to tear half way open with your mouth, squeeze those little chomps out, and fold up what's left for later cravings. Blueberry Pomegranite is the flavor of choice for me.

Shot blocks have been eliminated - 30 calories a piece but I think I expend that much energy to chew one up, making it a net neutral. Even harder if I'm breathing slightly heavier than normal. I like the consistency of the Gu Chomps better.

First Endurance Liquid Shots - beats gels by a bigger gap than the chomps beat the blocks. 400 calories per flask - these will probably be my primary source of calorie intake for the day, with the other stuff there for variety/back up in case I get sick of them.

At the aid stations:

Chocolate Milks/Costco's weight loss shakes/Ensures - Will throw some of each in my bag at each station and grab whatever sounds best at the time. Picked up on the Ensure's from the triathlon crowd - hard to beat for nutrient/calorie density, will serve as race day breakfast food as well. Few kinds to choose from, EB likes the extra protein kind, I'll have the regular kind with me, just because that's what I've got in the pantry.

Sliced turkey - I like Dug's wisdom shared at RAWROD, which was essentially rebelling against the popular practice of having to put the sandwhich meat on a sandwhich. Not necessary says Dug - just pack the meat, it goes down easier without the bread when your mouth is dry from breathing hard all day. I'll put some turkey packed in tinfoil in at each stop that I can slide in a pocket and eat on the road.

Included the Nature Valley nut and dark chocolate bar as a thank you for their sponsoring the commercial free segments of the TDF. Unlikely I'll eat much solid stuff other than the turkey and gummy stuff.


Hodgepodge of whatever is in the pantry - currently Carborocket and EFS, along with water.

Sign we're all scared of Leadville and that it's close - Rick pulls out a bag of Snickers at church on Sunday and everyone declines. Passing on food at church NEVER happens.


eber said...

what does it say that you and I hogged dow those slices of pizza tonight?

momentary lapse of reason?

Jason said...

In my case, wish I could call it momentary... was there any still there when you left? I may run back over and ask for more...

vh1 said...

NO TURKEY!!! It is a bad idea. I ate a burger and an entire order of cajun fries today for lunch. I am not afraid.

Be careful not to over-analyze

Jason said...

Sounds like Five Guys to me...been a staple in my leadville prep.

What's up with the Turkey - aside from the idea that it makes you want a nap?

evilbanks said...

that's a good point about not needing bread and just eating the meat plain. I've just incorporated that plan into my plan.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Yeah, I came home from church and sat there in on the couch with my huge bag of Snickers and thought....I'm in trouble. Those guys are already dieting. I'm still eating like crap.

The turkey just helps get rid of that sweet sugar taste from eating energy food all day.

Don't forget the Diet Coke. That is a life saver out there.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Turkey is good. Turkey and avocado tortilla wrap is way, way better. Tortilla goes down easier than bread, and the avocado makes it go down that much easier still.

Cover half a flour tortilla (fajita size) with turkey and thin-sliced avocado and a little salt, roll it up, slice it in half, stick it in a sandwich baggy. Fits perfectly in a jersey pocket. Won't squish like a sandwich. Doesn't induce nausea like energy food. Easy enough to eat, you can eat it climbing and breathing hard. Wash it down with a coke. You'll thank me after you try it.

Jason said...

Mark, sounds good, will have to try it.

Rick - can't remember where, but I've heard there's a guy with a table full of coke's late in the race - true?

Sam - What's up with the turkey is bad thought - aside from the L-tryptophan theory? I've had decent luck with it.

Rick Sunderlage said...

yeah, there is a family that hangs out half way up the Powerline climb with a bunch of coke. They hand it out in dixie cups. Sooooo good.