Monday, August 3, 2009

Crank that hamster wheel till you collapse

Have volunteered to donate a few miserable hours of my body to science for a buddy down at UVU. Figured I could learn some cool stuff, help a friend, and get some data that would be nice to know, as gravy on top. Have done a threshold and V02 test once previously on a treadmill - maybe selective memory, maybe the intrusive tube in the mouth vs. the mask I wore on the treadmill, maybe coming off a few days of being under the weather, maybe treadmill vs. bike, who knows, but this one seemed more brutal.
V02 testing in Pat's lab:
Everything's dandy here on the percieved exertion chart. Remember I had some friends in elementary school that wore something like this at night to get their teeth straight. Yes, the tube in the mouth is intrusive, no, it didn't add resistance on the intake, yes, it did feel like it restricted the exhale, had to push the air out hard once we got going.

May be a limited market or units you could sell, but somebody's gotta invent more comfortable headgear, my horse had it better than this.
Starting to work hard, and trying to quickly devise an additional breathing outlet, maybe my ears. It won't be long for me now...

Can't tell here, but it's taking all I've got left to not tip over off the bike and try to recover enough to lift my eyelids back up.
Couple of more sessions of abuse for Pat to get the data he needs. Got the data I was curious about out of this session - V02max and threshold are identical to where they were January of 08' on the treadmill test. Was hoping to see some improvement, but not the case. Will need to mix up the training a little after Leadville's done. Data is fun, generating the data is not fun.


evilbanks said...

Especially Free data! Hey Pat, need anymore hamsters?????

Anonymous said...

Im not even gonna say anything about the pinky pointing

Jason said...

Yeah, I don't know what's going on there either, would say I was too spent to lift my index finger, but think I used my pinky every time... thanks for pointing that out!