Saturday, October 24, 2009

New convert to Cyclocross

There's a new convert to cyclocross in the White house. Annie rode her first race today and ripped it. Rode a clean race to finish 2nd in the Women's C, passing several B racers and waving to the kids on the way. Check her out....

One of my favorite things about Annie is her desire to squeeze quite a bit out of her life, which is inclusive of trying just about anything. This race made her almost as nervous as her first Mtn Bike race in Vail this year - The course was the scary thing for her in Vail. Here, it was more the bike, which feels a little more squirly on the dirt than her mountain bike. She took her first spill over the bars earlier in the week trying to get used to it. She got settled in quickly during the race, and never looked back. It was cool to see her confidence growing each time she hit the barriers, remounted, and gunned it up the woodchip hill. I'm a proud and lucky guy.

It was fun to be back on the cross scene and see friends I hadn't seen since last season - it's a cool crowd.

I went out with the B group later in the afternoon, and it went as anticipated, I got shelled. The hand was a non-issue, in fact, it was great. But, have lot's of work to do to get back some form in all other areas. No better way to try and race yourself into shape than on the cross course though, and as much as it hurt, it was still a riot. And the new bike - it's awesome! Have a few tweaks to make, but it may be my most favorite bike.

Already looking forward to Wheeler next weekend - and giving the legs another shock session - they had no idea what the hell was hitting them today.


Anonymous said...

my legs want to cry

Rick Sunderlage said...

Good to see you back out there without a cast on. Nice job!

Leslie said...

YEAH ANNIE!!! She's my hero!

Jdub said...

Pat - mine hurt too. They hadn't gotten that kind of medicine for a few months.

Rick - thanks for politely going around me instead of running me over.

Leslie - yeah, she's mine too. I took last in my race.