Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random stuff & signs of the times

One housecleaning item. Those who know her know it was a joke, but for those that don't and have commented via email and in person - Annie wants me to make it clear that the deal made for the new Yeti cross bike was not real - it was a play on a forced withdrawal I was under due to a procedure and, had that not been the case, she wouldn't be any more agreeable than I to such a deal, thankfully.

Speaking of the Yeti - it got here Saturday. Here it is getting put back together. I love it. Need to give it the tubeless treatment to be race ready - healthy year for goatheads on the Draper course, and I suspect they'll be thicker at Wheeler - but it's been a joy to ride thus far.

Sign that size doesn't matter: Below is a photo of one of four new tires that the Xterra just got, and one tubular tire for a bicycle. Retail price is almost identical for the two.
Sign the recession has really started to hit home: The following email recieved yesterday from the managers of the building that WF leases my office space in:

"Sent: Monday, October 19, 2009 9:51 AMTo:>>>>>>nSubject: New Soda Pricing Good afternoon everyone! Due to the economy, soda will now sell for .75 cents instead of .50 cents. Snacks and waters will be same listed price. We appreciate all your support while we continue to assist you all in every way we can. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you! Kind Regards, "

You know that looming inflation you keep hearing about? It's started, with the soda.


dug said...

but. but prices actually dropped in the last year. deflation. so unless they were totally subsidizing your soda drinking (i doubt it), this is more like the building guys looking for an easy way to make more (a very little more) money.

Jdub said...

Dug, the inflation comment was sarcastic. And yes, the building guys are trying to backfill a shrinking revenue stream - not a good sign when they start looking to the soda for help. Not a good time to be the building guy. On a positive note - the hot chocolate is still free.

dug said...

nothing is free in my building, except the bathroom.

eber said...

our soda is a buck. i already know what that says about our situation.