Friday, November 6, 2009

Rarely discussed race tips - racing off the back installment 2,

Writing from Springdale, Ut - west entrance to Zion National Park - one of Utah's many crown jewels.

The ever critical start: first a refresher on last weeks tips which included two options here - Either go off the front when you have no business being there, which should blow you up in about 60 seconds, or a more moderate pace of pushing right past your limit, which is also very moderate, by taking about 5 minutes.

Tested a new one last race that also worked real well, if not better. Miss the start entirely. Show up about 20 seconds after the groups gone and then try to catch it. It's great, you get the anxiety of missing it, the panic of running to the line and starting with the running remount rather than on the bike, and then the ensuing redline effort chase - right smack out of the gate. Legs were squealing like they had the pig flu. The problem with being at the back is that they're squealing despite the fact that your not going very fast.

Here's one that may actually be productive: As you break down, and you will (racing back to back days will further facilitate this), pay attention to the sequence that your form begins to fail. Just remember the first few, it will start to snowball pretty quickly turning into not so much a sequence as a total meltdown. I've got some specific spots that will be pin pointed and hit hard with the reformers this winter. One spot that was actually strong before the injury but is real weak now - must be fairly specific to cycling, maybe just at intensity.

Exertion does not equal perception: Had my wife and some friends laughing at me right after the finish for what apparently appeared to them to be joyriding during the race. When I told them I was riding as hard as I could go, they laughed harder. Seriously, some days, your hard effort just ain't gonna translate to looking like one, resultswise or to your buddies. Remember the integrity required to race at the back - better to get laughed at harder for trying hard but still being slow, than to bear the cross of going slow because you cracked and quit trying. If your best that day happens to not be very fast - own it.

Mr. still owning it, but trying not to for too long.


evilbanks said...

Good shit man.........keep em comin'! Enjoy CA!

Jdub said...
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Jdub said...
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Jdub said...

Banks - I'm trying my darndest to my out of shape butt off the back so these don't keep comin, but they'll keep comin until then.