Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tentative 2010 race schedule

Rough schedule of the primary events targeted for 2010

3/27 - Moab Adventure Race: will be reaching back out to those of you that indicated interest on the email thread to get teams organized in the near future. If you weren't on the thread but want to go, looking like we'll have a small group of 5-10, let me know and we'll get you included.

4/10 - Tour of the Depot - Toelle

5/8 - 12 hours of Mesa Verde - Thinking this one could be a fun dude's trip, race all day and then recount stories over some Blackjack at Ute Mountain.

5/29-31st - Iron Horse Classic - Durango: One of my favorite races in one of my favorite places.

6/3-6th - Teva Mountain Games - Vail: Yes, between the Iron Horse and this one, we'll probably just go live in CO for a few weeks. Will also put in some paddle practice this year, at the Moab adventure race at a minimum.

7/31 - Butte 100 - Butte: Thinking I need to go check this one out after Brad's rave reviews of this years race.

8/14 - Leadville 100 - Leadville: Have a score to settle here after the last minute injury this year, assuming I can get in. But, am actually a little more excited for the Butte race I think.

9/4 - PCPP - Park City: Endurance XC Mtn biking looking like the dominant race type on the calendar next year.

9/25 - Xterra - UT: Also missed this one due to the broken hand, look forward to getting back to the Xterra scene next year.

Will fill in gaps with some Icup, additional local road races, probably an additional triathlon or two, and cyclocross of course.

Need to drop about 20 pounds over the winter.... the time on the sideline late this summer/fall wasn't good to me.


dug said...

gaps? gaps? pretty sure there are no gaps in there.

Anonymous said...
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evilbanks said...

Dug beat me to it.......holy shit man, are you gonna have time to breathe???

Eber said...

I am in for Moab, depot, Mesa verde, butte, Leadville (thinking this one is not likely), p2p. Gotta work in the squaw peak 50 otherwise I would head to iron horse too

Jdub said...

Dug - The only thing that would not leave me plenty of gaps is the wife getting intolerant of this crap, that's the wildcard.

Banks - don't act like you won't be at most of these too!

EB - if by chance you don't get in to Squaw Peak, would be fun to have you guys at Iron Horse. If you do get into Squaw Peak - Lord bless ya, the 10k trail run at Teva Games that weekend will do sufficient shredding of my legs, can't imagine 50 miles of that - your tough!