Wednesday, November 3, 2010

UTCX Halloween weekend

Matt and the gang's UTCX double cross Halloween weekend is one of the best race weekends of the year. Between the costumes and the already rowdy vibe of the CX crowd, it makes for a fun couple of days. Here are a few of our favorite costumes Alex Kim and one of his teammates raced as waffles - earning Bruce's race within a race status - not sure which waffle won...
Steve was more William Wallaceesque than Mel Gibson
Even the local contaminated meat doper showed up.

Rick raced as a scout, complete with sash and handkerchief.

This was one of my top three for the weekend - lifeguard with nipple problems and a burley batch of hair that couldn't be contained in the nether regions.

Annie raced as Little Red Riding Hood.

Steve Wasmund and his racing companions costumes were secondary to the coolness of doing a CX race on a tandem, and yes, they cleaned the sandpit and were even smooth on the barriers.

Miles running the barriers as cockroach.

Our kids favorites were the Lozon's, who came as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, didn't get a good shot of them together, but here they are.
The racing was good, really good. Wheeler is one of the best tracks on the circuit in regards to a good mix of fast speed sections and technical stuff that necessitates some skill and attention beyond pedaling fast. The highlight this year had to be the sand pit, as shown in last post's video - which made for a fun new technical challenge. There were two guys on the day, both in the A flight, that I thought stood out as exceptional in it.
Annie and I both raced both days. Niether of us put together a race that we thought was a particularly solid one. Did some things well, but lot's of important and sometimes silly little mistakes and a few bigger one's that make for good lesson's and prevent our racing for the weekend from being qualified as good. Fun factor was through the roof though.
Annie coming off the bridge, setting up for one of the trickier corners on the course on day 2.
We've got two more converts to CX in the house. Chesney and Brock both did their first CX race. Chesney challenged me to a race down the back stretch. She already had me on the rivet after chasing here around the lap, and the photo above captures the drop, the band snapped and I was off the back.
Us just prior to me getting dropped in the photo above, looking over hoping to see her in trouble, and seeing just the opposite - that's when I cracked.
Brock's takeaway from his race is that he wants pedals - said he can't go as fast as he wants on the push bike. Quick vid of the kids race for the grandparents.

The kidlets were lined up giving five's on the course on day two, made for some smiles and a brief respite from the chase when we came by. Hard to beat CX at Wheeler Farm for a full day of fun for the whole family - great time had by all.

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