Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 Races

Tentative, with an addition or two of some new stuff still being weighed, and room for crazy stuff the conmen come up with, but pretty similar to last year. Also excited to see what Bob's got in store with his new race series as well.

Moab Adventure race - That great day I said Annie had on the bike at this one this year... now thinking it won't come close to what I think she'll do there for the sequel, perspectives have changed some with her having spent a little more time on the bike this fall.

12 Hours of Mesa Verde - need to nab at least one more lap than I did this year, and lower expectations of how fun the blackjack is at Ute Mtn.

Iron Horse Classic - will do the Road race, Mtb race, and maybe the TT.

Teva Mtn Games - missed this last year with kids year end school schedules/travel overkill, same hurdles this year, but will try harder to make it work, this one makes for a cool weekend of racing and spectating.

Vikingman (disclaimer - won't do this again unless I'm at least a little prepared for the run)



eeeeeeeeeevilbanks said...

Oh come on man-------gambling at Ute Mountain was the most uplifting thing I've done in my life. All those empty stares from the clientele was pure inspiration.

Damn the organizers for putting Mesa Verde on Mother's Day weekend again. I can probably make it happen but I'll have to plant the seed a little earlier, like now.

Jason said...

Banks - make it into a romantic weekend at Ute Mtn by bringing your wife...

You know we'll end up back out there if you make the trip.....

eric said...

slightly conflicted now. Pierre's Hole and the Draper Super CX are on the same weekend. Thinking Targhee in August will be cooler than Draper. Plus they are adding more 1-track up there so it will be 3, 33 mile loops.

Don't forget either 24 Hours of Moab or 25 Hours of Frog Hollow.

I think the best part of your schedule is October-December. Thanks again for getting me interested in cx.

StupidBike said...

Eric, Pierres hole is on the 6th, Draper Super XC is on the 20th.

It's a go for both :)

Draper Super XC will start at 8 am as well, be done by noon.

Jason said...

Why is that place called Pierres Hole anyway?

Bob's race is a given due to not needing to roll out of bed till 15 minutes before the start. I may need to be coerced into riding into/around Pierre's hole.

eric said...

bob. it's a post-Christmas miracle! I'm in for both. thanks for the clarification.

jdub - here's the answer to your question: "To mountain men, a large low-lying valley, such as this, with abundant beaver and game was called a "hole." Mountain men preferred these areas of numerous beaver rich streams as they provided ample food and comfortable camping in addition to beaver pelts. Pierre's Hole was named in honor of "le grand Pierre" Tivanitagon, a Hudson's Bay Company trader said to be of Iroquois descent, who was killed in a battle with Blackfoot Indians in 1827."

i'll see you up there in August!

and yes, i am aware and fully anticipate the influx of "abundant beaver/hole" comments to hit this thread.

South County Ciclista said...

Don't forget the "Columbus Day Special."