Wednesday, December 29, 2010

UTCX #'s 10 & 11

Race #10 in the UTCX series was at Fort Buenaventura, and it was prime CX conditions - wet snow that transitioned to wet mud with some traffic, on a course that's fast, and got nice and messy. Which meant one thing for the White's - flailing. I went down hard on lap one -happened before I knew what hit me on a transition from dirt to pavement covered in wet leaves that were slick as hell. First crash I've had in a while that rattled me a bit, took me a lap or so to get my head right again. Eventually got going again and although still a little timid, managed an ok race the rest the way in, with the exception of one more get off on a corner right in front of Alex, who handles his bike well enough to have avoided stacking it up on top of me.

Annie's race was similar - she got bucked off three or four times, kept her head better than I did, and rode her typical strong race. Muddy might be one of her sexiest looks.

Big step: First time she's come in from a bike ride inclusive of crashing with a big ol' grin on her face. Contrary to mine - her crashes didn't phase her.
Brock had his first mechanical - need to make some adjustments to his ride to improve mud/snow clearance. Couple of tire kicks and he was back on his way.

Some of the girls from the B field. Annie, Gigi, Shannon, and Kara - they push each other - hard.

Good indicator you did some rolling around in places the race wasn't meant to go when you have these on your persons at the finish line. Not sure where I picked them up, which means there were more than a few lines I took that weren't the fastest ones.

Only thing to do after a day of flailing is to make uncoordinated faces for the camera turning onto the finishing straight.
The series wrapped up at Herriman, new course that brought with it it's own special feature - high winds. I liked the course, the long stair run up, the teeth rattling section through the frozen post hole countoured arena - didn't really notice we didn't have any barriers till after the race. I still can't ride wood chips worth beans.
Annie went after it hard right out of the gate, and finished up her season with what was probably her best start line to finish line race of the year. Nabbed her first win in the B field. She's really enjoyed racing with those girls and has learned a lot watching them. Figure she probably deserves a new CX bike sometime between now and next season - the hunt is on for another Yeti to go in our garage.
Just ducking out of one of the short sections where the wind uppercuts you right under the chin coming out of a fast corner.

Annie defending her first lead in the B field, she managed it really well, riding hard but smart.

Her transitions off and back on the bike are night and day from the beginning of the season, she's consistently smooth and fast now.

That's a wrap for the year. Obvious highlight has been having Annie take up the sport and do so well - think I've said it before, but can't tell you how much fun it's been having that little lady share in the fun that is CX this year, she's such a great cohort on so many levels, and we just keep adding layers. Also great to have the Zeph catch the CX bug, look forward to next year with him as well. Will probably add one more CX post of a few favorite pics from the season at some point, but if not, thanks to Ohran and the rest of the UTCX crew for a great series this year - made for a hell of a lot of fun!
Need to figure out what to do with Saturday mornings now, but sure we'll come up with something.


eric said...

HUGE thanks to you and your family for CX Saturdays. can't tell you how geeked I was about those races this year. thanks for introducing me to the sport. very solid year for the White's - nice work.
already looking forward to next year!

Derron said...

Great pics guys! You're giving me a bad case of CX envy. I need to switch my work schedule so I can free up my Saturdays. Hopefully I'll be joining you guys for 2011! J-Dub: Missed you at the party last night. Annie: Good to see you again. Been too long.

Jason said...

DT - Make it happen next year.

Eric - Great times man!