Monday, August 22, 2011


Took the day off for the last hurah of the summer with the kidlets before they head back to the classroom. I gotta tell ya, these jokers are my favorite people in the world, don't know how a guy can be anything but happy being surrounded with this kind of stuff.

Now that's the best kind of stuff - but not far behind it is watching your wife win a tough Mountain Bike race a few days prior. More on that later.

Heck of a bookend to a heck of a summer road tripping with the clan, we're run down and haggard, but in a good way. Getting back into the rigid schedules of the school year will take some getting used to, but Annie and I are thinking it will feel like a nice break.

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Tri and Run Couple said...

That's awesome! I love Chesney's little giggle.