Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pierre's Hole 100, or 50, race

Quick recap of the Pierre's Hole race the weekend before last.

Aside from plate #1, which signifies that either 1 - you've earned it and are the designated guy to beat, or 2 - you were more anxious to sign up for the race than anyone else at the start line, (only the former applies here), the most sought after plate number in the field is this one.

....and I was handed this number at the check in under the oath of representing it the way your supposed to - by riding with the strength and gumption of 3 men, a six pack of balls if you will. So how'd I carry the banner......

I cut it off half way through, had run plum out of fun and didn't have the head to keep grinding. That's not to say that the course and terrain aren't fun - they are, very much so. 100 miles on it was just more than I had the fitness or the gumption for. Annie had been warned earlier in the week about the high likelihood of that scenario, so her bike made the trip up as well, and despite the extra mojo bestowed by the race plate, I pulled the plug and we swapped pedaling and kid duty and let her go out for a lap that would be more enjoyable than had I gone out for another.

However - there were a few men who rode with six packs, and who made the fun and excitement build all afternoon as they kept knocking out mile after mile.... check it out below.... it was a pretty electric scene as they finished.

Congrats to Brandon and Gordon - huge respect for those rides!


Nate said...

Electric indeed. Way to go boys. Im missing that stuff this year. My head certainly isn't in the right spot to suffer like that. I'll be back next year. Way to finish that bastard. Hard men.

evilbanks said...

Thanks for the kind words man-------that was a helluva day!