Saturday, October 2, 2010

UTCX #1 Draper 2010 - Annie wins!

Good start to the CX season for the White house. My race went well, rode it clean, got a feel for limits and recovery capacity, and had a lot of fun. But to the real highlight in the family......

She woke up nervous - she hasn't raced enough to not feel like a first timer every time she lines up. I told her Thursday I thought she'd win - she told me she wasn't sure she wanted to race. I signed her up anyways so she was stuck. Practice Friday night (her only practice) didn't go well, she was timid which makes a CX bike act more squirly than it already is and she burped her tire completely flat on the first lap - so total practice time was about 8 minutes. She told me she knew she had to just go after it vs. let it psych her out - one of my favorite characterstics about her. She went after it just fine, it was a solid win, and she looks good on the podium. Congrats babe!

She was a bull on the run up - put her head down and attacked it every lap.

She handles the bike better than she realizes. Fell victim to the sand a few times - but other than that rode a clean, steady, fast race. I'm really digging it that my wife's racing bikes a winning races. I told her I've raced just a few more times and haven't yet spooked the front of a race yet. She tells me to do more yoga and pilates. I might start listening....

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